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How do you decide in what ways you will express your sexuality? In one ear, Mom whispers, "It is naughty." In the other, Vogue assures you this "new" position is a "must try." Dr. Ruth asserts "it" is perfectly divine. Have you considered freedom of choice based on what you and your lover desire? With freedom of choice, there are no appalling "sexual" practices as long as no one is harmed physically, emotionally or psychologically. Of course, both partners must consent. Remember, in some society, somewhere, at some time, "it" is or was probably considered as ordinary as the missionary position is in our culture. Appropriate sexual practices and positions were not carved in marble by some exalted higher authority. Sorry, Dr. Ruth. Societies simply created "rules" as they went along and then considered them sacred. Human beings are very, very strange creatures.

Sexual inhibitions are beliefs, thoughts and emotions that limit our sexual freedom to make choices based on the pleasure principle-if it feels good, do it. Keep in mind that your thoughts and beliefs are interpretations and rules that you have absorbed from society. From where do sexual inhibitions come? They come from other people and our culture. Our society is not the only one on earth. There are many cultures on our clay-and-granite planet with countless beliefs about "appropriate" sexual behavior. Some of the accepted sexual practices in various current and long-ago societies would probably curl your sensitive American hair. Just for fun, let's take a look at the origin or history of one innocent, yet dearly held, taboo.

You would agree that armpit hair is rather innocuous, wouldn't you? Nonetheless there is an acceptability inconsistency between the United States and several European countries. Over the years, especially since early in the last century, shaver companies have "influenced" American women to believe that armpit hair is not only passť and bold, but also unsightly and even deviant! What began as a commercial interest has now become a cultural taboo, which has prejudiced everyone against women having armpit hair. (I confess that I must shave before I start throwing my arms up in the gym. Heaven forbid someone should see black hair in my armpit. The civilized world as we know it today might go the way of the Soviet Empire.)

In European days of old, many women never succumbed to this practice. After the fall of Communism, the tendencies are quickly changing and many European women now follow their American cousins. I am still attempting to understand the obviously multifarious relationship between Communism and armpit hair. Whatever the link, the fall of the "Evil Empire" has been great news for the Schick razor company!

We (you and I) now know that this taboo began as a successful marketing strategy. However, if you were to ask women why they shave their armpits they will probably say something like, "Armpit hair is ugly and nasty," or "Nice girls shave under their arms." Most women have no idea how the taboo originated-we simply know it is taboo and that is enough. Many sexual taboos probably originated in similar ways. We will never know or understand their origin, and that is okay. The fundamental consideration when determining sexual taboos is: does this work for my lover and for me?

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