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ACTOR35 - Active male who enjoys acting, singing, and writing. Up for all kinds of fun things, dining out, theatre, concerts, museums, and travel. Laid back, into kick ass rock music and dancing, and in search of that special one to hang with during my next film.<

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Very good looks
I work out every day!
40 years of age
211 lbs - 220 lbs
5'11 - 6'
Under 25k
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People say that I am:  
Outgoing, serious, sometimes funny, understanding and full of emotion and adventure
Things that have bothered me:  
They don't take the time to see what's inside. My mind is a maze of corridors, and those who enter will feel the magic.
I am looking for:  
Health consciousness, good looking, and willing to explore cultural activities. Also, must be laid back and intelligent. Prefer younger women full of life with a sense of adventure.
My funniest life experience:  
The BBW at a swingers party on New Years, and a 100proof bottle of whiskey which saved the night.
Cool Movies:  
Paranoid Park, Christmas in Paradise, Prankster, The Faculty, Godfather, Disturbing Behavior, and Hamburger Hill.
My Favorite Groups are:  
Rock music and Josh Groban
I am looking for a personality like:  
I am very laid back and easy to talk to. I would like the other person to look into my soul and try to understand me. I worry about not being understood. Since I read only French Literature I may be living in the 19th Century. You only need to be sweet and understanding.
My typical day:  
My perfect date is awesome, sweet, fast, wild, and crazy. Needs to bounce from the beach to dinner to a Los Angeles nightclub in a flash. No time to wait. My days during the week are spent audtioning for movies and commercials or sending out headshots and resumes. I also sing art songs and light opera and am trying to prepeare to record and album. Nothing will stop me!
My Wish List Includes:  
Painting in France, singing in Italy, sculpture in Greece.

  • Religion is sometimes important to me in relationships.
  • I'm not Materialistic.
  • I Don't Smoke.
  • I Don't Drink.
  • I Like Pets.
  • I Like To Travel.
  • I am an Active Person.
  • I Don't spend long hours at Work.
  • I Am a Spontaneous Person.
  • Friends Are Important to me.
  • I Like Competitive Partners.
  • Sometimes I like clubs/bars.
  • My life is somewhat stressfull.
  • I Try to stay in Shape.
  • I sometimes want to get married.
  • I Don't Want to have Kids.
  • Sometimes I can be stubborn.
  • I Do Not enjoy going to the Movies.
  • Sex Is Important to me.
  • I like a Clean Place.
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