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ALWAYSAWINNER47 - Alwaysawinner

single 52 year old man
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52 years of age
5'9 - 5'10
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I'll know her when I see herBefore I leave this world Iwant everyone to know that I have shared a piece of my life with my time spent here on Earth. There are a few important things about Me,who I am and what I believe.It may not make a difference in the big scheme of things, but for me I feel I have shared my heart and the truths of my soul. I want everyone to know that my Spirit danced with each day and that I quitely Kissed each evening good night,and that I have loved with all I have to give and where ever ther journeys take them My Love will be there to.I want you to know that my love is true. It will never belong to another,my love can only belong to you. Every day has it's own rewards and it's own unique challenges,none of us have to same exact worries or responsibilites ,because life is shaped around us as individuals.. .it is important to remember that we create our own worlds..

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