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BALINORE - Hi just checking out the site ill fill in more later.

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Iím looking for a good person someone I can talk to and be open with and just relax with and have fun. It has been a long time and I would love to have a partner in crime! ;) I miss and would enjoy growing into a real relationship. I also like to do things like dancing, getting silly, movies, Carpet picnics or hikes, just stay home and hang out or snuggle. I really need some one who understands we have to work and will not be upset when I need to work extra some times! Believe me I try not to so I can enjoy the one Iím with the most. I am responsible but love having fun when Iím not busy! I like to be spontaneous. I am a spfx artist who has worked on many projects for The TV and film industries for over 10 years and I love what I do. I am currently working toward my bachelorís degree to hopefully become a teacher for a fx trade school. Or just get a better job in the future. I love having fun and I like to create with my hands. Iím looking for someone who is possibly a modest artist (but not a must) or just doesnít mind getting their hands dirty while enjoying life with me no matter what we do artistically or not , even just something new. I would love to work on projects together. Doing anything from cleaning the house, hiking, sword fighting, to making a monster suit as long as itís fun and not like a chore! I love 80,s tunes, movie soundtracks, smooth jazz, love a good sax. but will listen to just about anything if it sounds good. I love movies, Action, Sci-fi, and intelligent horror and the accessional drama and or romance, comedies are good to. I respect the ability to communicate it is very important to me! Iím old fashioned. I like to communicate and understand our likes and dislikes, I do like to get to know the one I plan on investing time in. Iím a guy who would like to share a wonderful and amazing friendship with someone, Iím looking for a woman who can be fun, encouraging, spontaneous, inspiring and just live the best way we can with what we got in this life! And I want to be given the same attention I like to give to my partner. And receive in the same capacity. I am not looking for: some one who knows everything and pushes the fact all the time! And or some one who needs therapy and pills just to cope with each day as it comes. I donít want some one who hates people, or is afraid to go out side and enjoy the sun, I want some one who looks at them either way. Some one who likes to have friends and doesnít mind including there friendship with there partner as a whole. Well As relationships go.

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