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People say that I am:  
Interestingly enough, I asked my friend this question the other day. She said she would describe me as a very eccentric person who knows how to be serious when the time is needed. I also like to talk A LOT when I am comfortable enough around someone. I may be a tad standoff-ish at first, but don't let that scare you away, its just because I am nervous, but I will come out of my shell if you are willing to wait around for it.
Things that have bothered me:  
The main response to this question would have to be dishonesty. I HATE when people lie. What good does it do? Just be who you are.
I am looking for a personality like:  
Personality traits in another person that have helped me to be myself is if they are themselves. I can usally pick up when someone is being phony and just trying to impress me. There is no need to impress me. Just be honest and be who you are. I wouldnt expect anything more.
My typical day:  
My perfect date experience, huh? Well, to be honest, I really havent been on very many dates and it would have to depend on the person I was with. I really, really, like the City Museum. Even though I get all sweaty by the end of the night, it is an awesome place to go. Either that or go to a park and just hang out. I also love the Botanical Gardens.
My Wish List Includes:  
One day, I would LOVE to go to Europe. I would love to see France and Italy and the Eiffel Tower and everything else Europe has to offer. I would also like to own my own home someday. Apartment living is great for now, but I would love to have a house with a yard where a puppy and future kids could play. I may be jumping the gun a bit on this one, but it said it was my wish list.

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