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HOTBOY2K - I love to chat, play sports, and hangout with my friends.


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African American
21 years of age
Big Brown eyes
111 lbs - 120 lbs
5'3 - 5'4
File Clerk (Lancer)
Under 25k
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People say that I am:  
My friends would best describe me as being very Funny, Kind Hearted, and very Understanding.
Things that have bothered me:  
Some of Females I dated in the past cheated on me because I was too loyal.
I am looking for:  
Right now I'm not looking for a Commitment I'm looking for someone who can understand and Appreciate a good man like me.
Cool Movies:  
1.There's Something About Mary 2. Scary Movie 1. 3. Grease 1.
My Favorite Groups are:  
Rap and R&B, Pop

  • Religion is sometimes important to me in relationships.
  • I'm not Materialistic.
  • I Don't Smoke.
  • I Drink Sometimes.
  • I Like Pets.
  • I Like To Travel.
  • I am an Active Person.
  • Sometimes I spend long hours at work.
  • Sometimes I am a spontaneous person.
  • Friends Are Important to me.
  • I Like Competitive Partners.
  • I Don't Like Clubs/Bars.
  • My life is somewhat stressfull.
  • I Try to stay in Shape.
  • I want to get Married.
  • I Want to have Kids.
  • Sometimes I can be stubborn.
  • Sometimes I enjoy going to the movies.
  • Sometimes Sex is important to me.
  • Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
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