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JAYFREEHEART - Like to find:an honest & sincere best friend & lover. I also like romance, ocean,rivers,lake,mountains,cuddling & such at home. My Harley or 4wheeling,etc. Photo's from . // Scrapbook pic's - In Park is "05" OldTime pic is "95" Beach is "07"

single 57 year old man
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Response Rate: 41%
Very good looks
Toned, I keep fit
57 years of age
221 lbs - 230 lbs
5'7 - 5'8
I'd rather not say
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People say that I am:  
You are welcome to ask. I like it!! Oh I am a bit of a smart *ss.
Things that have bothered me:  
Although if you strip away the B.S. Most of the ladies I have dated were good People. Yet if there is dishonesty & deceit as a foundation try to have fun while you can cause you are really in just a tent. "solution" ( Communicate honestly,Verbally & otherwise. )
I am looking for:  
Let's get together and discuss it.
My funniest life experience:  
You've got to Know me better first. It's Funny!!
Cool Movies:  
Face Off, Beverly Hills Cop, John Carpenters; Vampires. I mostly like comedy, romantic comedy, action, martial arts films, some of the cartoon type movies ie., The Lion King , Moulan Rouge,Shrek. Also Dances with Wolves,RobinHood,Braveheart etc.
My Favorite Groups are:  
Mostly 50's 60's & 70's rock, also some r&b,country,reggae,classical.
I am looking for a personality like:  
I am usually pretty laid back. I have learned Something about relationships from every Woman I have been with,but will only discuss when I can see Your eyes. I am most comfortable with Women who can carry on a witty conversation, but can sit for indefinite time in peaceful solitude W/O being uncomfortable as well. Also actually being best friends as just sayin' so don't count.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
I always try to remain flexible, I am almost always willing to peacefully discuss anything at all. P.S. At times I can be a class act Bhead! If You tell Me in a nice way I usually get over it quick and I don't hang on to resentments.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
I am looking forward to meeting someone. Today is 3/9/05 and is the first time I have checked on profile. I forgot about this one, as it is free I really shouldn't have. Oh well, I'm back! Hope You like the Pics. Ethnicity= Scotch,Irish,Native American, mostly. 2- I'm Back after several months.Pic's updated "07"
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
The Past is but a reflection of what was. I am in the Present and I am here and Ready to Live today. The Future is in God's Hands. This does answer the Question above in the best way that I can. Always ready!! If I'm not in a relationship then I am always ready to start a new one. Baggage is Heavy and I travel Light! "2-12-10"- been scratchin' life is a-ok-today!
My typical day:  
It may sound funny or strange to You, but I try to talk to God all day every day. I am not a religious fanatic. It's just that God is My best friend. Anything else that happens is His gift to Me, good, bad or indifferent. I no longer work so I have a good bit of free time to do as I wish.
My Wish List Includes:  
I would want to know God's will for Me & the power to carry that out. Then maybe,Scuba in tropics,snowboarding, a little wind surfing.Mainly to have someone loving and sharing the rest of My life. Hearts & Hands together Living one day at a time! And a bunch of other wild & crazy sort of things. //Fri. 13th-07 (new) wish for long term monogomous relationship !! I need someone who is comfortable and very playful in bedroom & elsewhere often. (wish Me well.)
My Videos/Music/Other Content:  

  • Religion is sometimes important to me in relationships.
  • I'm not Materialistic.
  • I Don't Smoke.
  • I Don't Drink.
  • I Like Pets.
  • Sometimes I like to travel.
  • Sometimes I am an active person.
  • I Don't spend long hours at Work.
  • I Am a Spontaneous Person.
  • Friends Are Important to me.
  • Sometimes I enjoy having a competitive partner.
  • I Don't Like Clubs/Bars.
  • I'm not that Stressed.
  • I Try to stay in Shape.
  • I sometimes want to get married.
  • Sometimes I feel that I would like to have kids.
  • Sometimes I can be stubborn.
  • Sometimes I enjoy going to the movies.
  • Sex Is Important to me.
  • Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
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