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KEVCO78 - Not sure what I hope to gain from this but I am bored and lonley so I set this up, im very open minded, 190lbs,blue eyes and I live in a program that has a curfew so im not looking for anything too serious, other than that I work at an Italian restaurant and am currently taking 12 credits at city college my interest is desktop tech. I actually wasnt going to go back to school but they offered to pay me money to learn about something I do in my free time so I figured what the hell. I love movies and usually I jog and go to the gym but ive been really lazy lately so ive been slackin. Anyways im looking for fun in my life, without drugs. (if your on drugs please do not respond thanks)

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I'm healthy looking
32 years of age
6'1 - 6'2
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People say that I am:  
shy at first then once ive reached a comfort level i can be very comical, also it takes alot to get me upset and also i dont do drugs.
Things that have bothered me:  
people who judge too quickley and are always worried about what other people are doing, also im sick of people who try to screw you over, (you can be selfish and not take advantage of someone )
I am looking for:  
im not that concered with looks as long as the person isnt too obese, i like all types of looks but they have to be healthy lookin and have good hygiene helps,its always nice if they like my sense of humor,knowledge of movies would be fun,
My funniest life experience:  
you kow i cant think of one, im so busy trying to make others laugh that i forgot to laugh my self
Cool Movies:  
anchorman,fletch,the saw series,big lewbowski,transformers,dark knight,true romance,its a hbo show but i love curb your enthusiasm
My Favorite Groups are:  
my oldest favorite would be nina simone (she puts so much feeling and honesty in her music)when i was younger i was really into local rap in detroit like icp and esham, currently im listening to russell crowes band they pretty good, also leanord cohen kicks ass too
I am looking for a personality like:  
what helps me be more comfortable around women is if they are not to judgemental and criticize what others are doing, it helps if they laugh at my jokes, once i warm up to someone i can be quite the comedian.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
always willing to compromise for the greater good
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
i am looking to connect with someone and im bored so im doing this, i have filled out these before but never pursued anyone
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
im looking to finish restating my life before any serious relationship, im probably about 6 months to a year from looking for something really serious and full of expectations
My typical day:  
go to the movies get coffee after, then maybee some intamacy if comfortable also i love taking spotaneous day trips. I eat breakfast,get dressed and ready for the day ill go to the gym if i have some free time then ill go to the computer lab at city college to study and take tests then i might go to the public library and download programs to my laptop. i work at night then back to my computer, pretty lame i know, hopefully i can ad some color to my life.
My Wish List Includes:  
my wish list would include goin to finland, attending a movie premiere at manns chinese theatre in LA, hike up mount whitney and maybee go see my sister in new york i havnt talked to her in a long time. I definitley want to run the rock n roll marathon.

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