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KJSTOKES23 - I can be the love of your life or your friend with benefits. it's up to u

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African American
23 years of age
5'11 - 6'
Single, with kids
customer service rep
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People say that I am:  
I'm cool and laid back. very fun to be around. i'm the creative type a guy and very spontaneous. i also have a good imagination when it comes down to certain things like sex to be honest. i'm a freak and a big one but only with the person i'm either with or just messing with if u wanna be friends with benefits.
Things that have bothered me:  
I don't like girls that cant speak there minds. It's really annoying.(not to be mean ladies.) It's just i spent the last couple of yrs of my life with my kids mother trying to make things work but she never speaks her mind bout anything. if ur in a relationship u gotta have communication. with no communication u have nothing and problems can't be fix without communication.
I am looking for:  
well i'm looking for a girl that doesn't mind a freaky nature and has one of her own and not ashame to show it. outside of that likes to go to the movies, bowling, shoot pool, stuff like that. also likes to go out to eat cuz i love going out to eat.
My funniest life experience:  
well in high school i went to Orlando Florida for a band competition and we won. GO BIG IKE LOL but ne way we went to Universal Studios and MGM and Disney World. That was my first time every going to another major theme park besides the ones here in texas.
Cool Movies:  
scary movies are my favorite type. I like all the Saw movies very messy. I like some of the classics like Jason, Freddy Kruger and Halloween. a newer scary movie Mirrors was a good one oh and the grudge 2 was good. I also like mystery,comedies and dramas. mainly mysteries. any movie that makes me have to think i like.
My Favorite Groups are:  
I can go forever with this but i like mostly R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Soft Rock,Pop Rap/Hip Hop and Classical. If it has a nice beat or if it's smooth i like it.
I am looking for a personality like:  
I'm a laid back person and i get along with people that are the same. I don't undastand why some people are such tight asses and won't relax. I know when to be serious and when i can have my fun. People feel comfortable around me because of that.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
of course everybody has to make a compromise sumtimes.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
i'm very willing and yes i have but didn't work out.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
everyone that i needed to put behind me is behind me. i'm ready to start fresh.
My typical day:  
A perfect date with me is having fun no matter where we r. A man can take a woman to the most expensive and romantic place on the planet but does that mean she's into him? The whole point of going out on a date is to get to know someone and break the ice. Life in my world contains of responsibility and fun. Knowing how to balance them both is the key to life. Ladies if you're reading this u can see that for a man only of 23yrs of age is a big thinker, and i'm a planner.
My Wish List Includes:  
I don't call it my wish list. It's what i'm actually gonna do. My life revolves around music and helping people. whether it be words of encouragement, money, advice, or anything. I do wat i can when i can to help people. So i want to not only open up my own music store but i want to open up a technical school for music here in houston.

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