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KNOWLEDGE562 - Looking for something interesting :)

single 18 year old woman
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Large but shapely
18 years of age
5'5 - 5'6
Here For Dating
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People say that I am:  
I'm a very caring and generous person. I love helping others in need and I tend to give too much sometimes. I'm a good listener, which makes me a good friend/partner. I'm very mature for my age and wise beyond my years. I like to smile, laugh, and have a good time. I appreciate the small things in life. I'm not too hard to please; Just give me your loyalty and honesty, and that's enough for me. I do want to add that my last relationship was long and ridiculous. Took it as a learning lesson. I'm not going to settle for anything less than I deserve. If I give you my all, I'm expecting yours as well. I'm a very strong woman now, and I know what I deserve.
Things that have bothered me:  
Dishonesty; Hypocritical; Judgmental; No Goals in Life
I am looking for:  
I'm looking for somebody who is fun and can make me laugh even when I'm having a bad day; someone who is caring and does not only think of themselves; a faithful person (I deserve one!); someone who is going to play childish games.
Cool Movies:  
Takers, 21 Jump Street, This Means War, all Final Destinations, Devil, Unknown, Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, Fast Five, and of course all Twilight movies.don't judge me! :D
My Favorite Groups are:  
I love music. I listen to Dubstep, hip-hop, rap, trance, house, R&B, alternative rock, reggae, reggaeton(at a club), some punk I'm not close-minded. I'll listen to anything that sounds good.
I am looking for a personality like:  
Sometimes, I find it hard to open up to someone and express how I'm feeling; so it's nice to have someone around who is patient and will listen without judging. People come to me for advice very often. Like I said, I'm a good listener. I'm the one that you call at 3AM when you need somebody.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
Depends on the time/situation. I'm really good at problem solving (I mean, I do work in sales), and I don't just give up on a tough situation. To answer the question, Yes I`ll compromise if that's what is best for the situation at that time. But I don't settle.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
Pretty willing to meet some people from this site. I'd like to talk some before I just meet somebody offline. I've met a few people off the internet before; some good experiences, some not so good.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
I'm not writing out my future with somebody that I haven't even met yet. I'm looking to get to know someone. Go on a few dates, hang out, and we'll see what goes from there.
My typical day:  
My perfect date experience.I like dates that are fun. I'm okay with the cliche, a movie and dinner, but it'd be cool if you could think of something somewhat creative and spontaneous :)
My Wish List Includes:  
I would l ve to swim with dolphins. I know, probably sounds like it's coming from a little kid, but that's on my bucket list! I'd also like to go sky diving one day! :)
My Videos/Music/Other Content:  

Religion is sometimes important to me in relationships.
I'm not Materialistic.
I Smoke.
I Drink.
I Like Pets.
I Like To Travel.
Sometimes I am an active person.
I Spend Long Hours at My Job.
I Am a Spontaneous Person.
Friends Are Important to me.
Sometimes I enjoy having a competitive partner.
I Like going to clubs/bars.
I'm not that Stressed.
I sometimes try to stay in shape.
I sometimes want to get married.
Sometimes I feel that I would like to have kids.
I Am as Stubborn Person.
Sometimes I enjoy going to the movies.
Sex Is Important to me.
I like a Clean Place.
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