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LEGACYDREAMER - Art fine art, or 3d art/animation computers, Playing Games. Going out to the Movies.

single 24 year old man
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24 years of age
Wild Green eyes
201 lbs - 210 lbs
6'1 - 6'2
I'd rather not say
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People say that I am:  
Laid back, easy going guy. Try to be a gentlemen and kind as most as posible. Generous with money, but not crazy.
Things that have bothered me:  
Haven't been on an actual date yet so can't add much. But im sure what would bother me is someone who thinks my money flows like water.
I am looking for:  
For a friend I would want a person who knows how to dependable, not make me feel blown off or unimportant around others. For a relationship I'd want a girl that knows how to ride on my spirit, clearly connecting with my thoughts and heart. So mostly my personality twin. Someone selflessly in love with me as I am them.
My funniest life experience:  
When I was young i handcuffed myself to a pole and tossed the key a bit to pretend i was an escape expert. Yea i wasn't, the grass was tall and I lost the key.
Cool Movies:  
Momento, The Jacket, Machinist, Terminator all, Most Jackie Chan movies, spiderman, batman, punisher, Butterfly Effect, Collateral, Ice age, shriek, toy story , incredibles, finding nemo. Also Sin City for its brilliant style of narritive. Im trying to write a comic book in a simuliar style. This was way before the movie ;
My Favorite Groups are:  
Im a big alternative fan, creed , days of the new, 3 doors down , days grace, alice in chains, metallica, our lady peace , smashing pumpkins, Evanescence, seether, godsmack. I like various rock too, im really not picky on what im listening to , unless it repeats alot or gets too whiney or vocals are drowned out. Otherwise I have a good tolerance.
I am looking for a personality like:  
I can mostly be myself in one on one situations. Where me and someone can just talk clearly listening to eachother without distractions. I love to listen to people and talk to them, but unfortunately I get very quiet in competitive group chats or single myself out to famaliar faces.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
Hard to say, I don't travel much so this would mean the person I met would have to either live local or know how to meet with me. No I haven't met with anyone over the internet cause many people act immature even though its 18 age and up service.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
I barely have any friends in the opposite group. I guess it's sort of something the evolved from childhood, and I do see myself having trouble just talking to women. Though im almost certain I could charm anyone who helped me to my feet.
My typical day:  
My life now is sort of lame, I guess that is where most the heartache comes from. Not to sound helpless, I just am honestly in need of a better lifestyle. I wake up work overnight sleep, play around with my computer games, art, music. and sleep and work inbetween. Not much social time other then messenger programs.
My Wish List Includes:  
I would like to find a girl that had enough courage to bring me back to life, and id prolly seem a bit resistant at first and then make everyday a charming one. So if she liked risky things id try to like them as well. The one thing that scared me the most is myself, being a over concioused person I always fear bringing myself down to the extreme. With out my yang I the ying will never find peace.

  • Religion is sometimes important to me in relationships.
  • I'm not Materialistic.
  • I Don't Smoke.
  • I Don't Drink.
  • I Like Pets.
  • Sometimes I like to travel.
  • Sometimes I am an active person.
  • I Spend Long Hours at My Job.
  • Sometimes I am a spontaneous person.
  • Friends Are Important to me.
  • Sometimes I enjoy having a competitive partner.
  • I Don't Like Clubs/Bars.
  • My life is somewhat stressfull.
  • I Try to stay in Shape.
  • I want to get Married.
  • I Want to have Kids.
  • I Am Not a Stubborn Person.
  • I Love going to the Movies.
  • Sex Is Important to me.
  • Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
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