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MANDALAY39 - just looking 4 now

single 28 year old man
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I work out every day!
28 years of age
131 lbs - 140 lbs
5' - 5'2
International Customs Clearance Executive
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People say that I am:  
People describe me as passionate,intelligent, mature, off beat sense of humor, stubborn, hard, soft centered, merciful, strong, driven, loyal & glowing.
Things that have bothered me:  
O.K. my thing is I tend to be very introverted when people piss me off and I come off as either emotionally guarded or insensative but the reality is I'm just careful what I say about people because the way I feel today or right now might not be same as how I feel tommarow. The other thing is i've lead a "checkered" life and am both proud and remorseful about it,.however it's helped shape my beliefs and idea's about life and society asa whole so I'm o.k. with someone not sharing those idea's or belief's but DO NOT try to change mine because they are rooted deeply in me and it just plain turns me off when other try to influence how I feel about certain core issues.
I am looking for:  
Right now it's simple for me,.all I want is a nice person who can accept me for me and I do the same for her,.that's all.
My Favorite Groups are:  
I listen to it all,however, I really only like or speak highly of music with a good beat,.i.e. electronic dance music and underground real hip-hop but I'm open to all kinds of music. You might not catch me listening to it in my own free time but I'm willing to listen to whatever someone else likes for the most part.
I am looking for a personality like:  
Alright now, as for what I'm looking for? I want someone that's easy going but strong and stern when it comes to articulating what she wants and needs. I need a thinker and a dreamer combined. Someone who will allow me to be myself and not try to change me into her ideal mate, but someone who will accept me and my flaws and I do the same in return. Someone who will take the time to understand that more often then not it's about what I don't say to you then what I do say. Someone who's willing to take it slow and be gentle because my heart is like porcelain for even the hardest hearts break when they hit the ground. Someone who takes the time to work-out and eat right or just plain doesn't over eat to the point she might become over weight and undesirable. A girl that loves diversity and doesn't want to be the barbie chick who fits in and impresses everyone,I'm a black sheep and perffer those who don't follow societies riddiculous status quo of how people should act and behave. I like someone naughty but nice and weak where I'm strong. A grown woman that can handle all I have to offer stamina and engery that is through the ceiling. If all else fails I enjoy new people and my love is easy get all you have to do is follow 3 simple rules: Don't cheat on me, Always remain loyal, and Never try to change me. If you do these 3 simple things then you'd surprised at the I'll put up with and how long and deep my love will go.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
God comprimise is a word I know too well,and while I'm willing to do it,.I believe it's a two way street and I refuse to do it unless someone is willing to meet me half way.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
I'm willing but I like to chat online, then the phone before I agree to a face to face. You can though,should you feel so inclined -i-m me on: sexxydjboy.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
I'm ready to start from scratch but, with that said I'm not looking to rush into anything extreamily serious yet because I'm still feeling out the waters.
My typical day:  
I don't really know what to say about myself. I do what I do and am who I am,.if you want to know then message me and ask me about who I am.
My Wish List Includes:  
I feel like i've done most of what I want to in my life, weird, yes, but I've done a lot of things and at this junction in my life I'm ready to chill out and find someone to be my world.

  • Religion Is Important to me.
  • I'm not Materialistic.
  • I Don't Smoke.
  • I Drink.
  • Sometimes I like pets.
  • Sometimes I like to travel.
  • I am an Active Person.
  • I Spend Long Hours at My Job.
  • Sometimes I am a spontaneous person.
  • Friends Are Important to me.
  • Sometimes I enjoy having a competitive partner.
  • Sometimes I like clubs/bars.
  • My life is somewhat stressfull.
  • I Try to stay in Shape.
  • I want to get Married.
  • I Don't Want to have Kids.
  • Sometimes I can be stubborn.
  • I Love going to the Movies.
  • Sex Is Important to me.
  • Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
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