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654321GLJ - Would you mind if I accidentally tore ur lil sexy panties off ur firm n round a when we climax together simultaneously? br>Are tiny bikini type panties something you'd wear under your short sexy skirt
? For me, would you? br>Would you let me French Kiss Your tig ht n tasty?br>If I mentioned se xual desires here today, I'm truly NOT sorry! K?! br>Luv ya sweet tasting baby! br>G J PS - I'm a 1 woman kinda man & you'd NEVER catch me cheating on you because I'd never wanna break your heart! If you found this 2B too sexual, I do apologize

I can be cute
Sensually hot
5'9 - 5'10
Under 25k
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People say that I am:  
All I can tell you is that im the most honest and truthful man you'll ever meet. But, if you ever did catch me lying? I'd only do it so your feelings wouldn't get hurt! Nice guy, open minded and almost too caring about the people I love
Things that have bothered me:  
Too self centered and make up crazy rules after I am in love with her!
I am looking for:  
Fun, sweet, 1 man woman! Very sexy and Luvs to tease me prior to having sex or making love together! And
I am looking for a personality like:  
* I never judge someone's past! * I'm definitely the World's Greatest Listener! * I can NOT be around anyone who's pers2onality is solely based on DRAMA & is an attention seeker!
My typical day:  
To be totally relaxed with my female date & I usually do not desire sex on the 1st date, but if she's super sexy & teases me while wearing a short tight fitting skirt, a hot push-up bra along w/tiny bikini type panties? Oh! And sexy thigh high stockings w/heels too? I just may begin by French kissing her under her lil Hot tight fitting panties! I know that I wouldn't stop til she gave my handsome & cute face a warm n wet facial! After she's happy - then I'll ask her if she wants more I never force myself onto or IN to any lady! But, her Hot lil panties may get accidentally torn off her Hot lil body and firm n round a!
My Wish List Includes:  
Skydiving Anal sex, but not in my butt! LoL!

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