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BACKINTIME - New to the area. Looking for new friends and activity partners, no expectations unless divine intervention says otherwise. Goal for me is to enjoy life, travel, create new memories with each journey.

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Hampton, Georgia
I'm the boM!
I'm on fire baby!
191 lbs - 200 lbs
5'9 - 5'10
Construction Manager
I'd rather not say
Here For Meeting Singles & Friends
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People say that I am:  
Direct, consistent, positive, loyal & focused from my time in the Marines. Resolute, selfless, compassionate, forgiving, nurturing, loving, structured from raising a family.
Things that have bothered me:  
Wow…… Now is this a question that BoM really wants an honest answer? Or is the politically correct society approved bull answer the preferred response. Let me reassess the question “DATING” is the keyword. NOT the people you’ve had MAJOR LENGTHY RELATIONSHIPS WITH. Myself if the questions response is about people we’ve only dated. Which can be interpreted like this. People we’ve only dated are like leaves on a tree. They come into your life then disappear with the wind. Some we had no business dating in the first place. Then others we mutually agree to make a commitment to each other. This is where we learn all we ever wondered, wanted, or needed to know about our current spouse / mate. In some cases, what we learn, dissolves the majority of the relationships foundation. Sometimes everything we denied, hoped, overlooked in our better half is reality. The reasons relationships end is one of the two people stopped honoring the commitment they made to the other. Many say relationships are 50/50? I disagree that’s a half assed relationship! In order for a relationship to survive and stand the test of time. ESPECIALLY in this unhinged times we currently are experiencing. It takes 100% / 100% commitment and CONSTANT COMMUNICATION between the two people in that particular relationship. Takes me back to why I’m here for friends. It’s where it has to begin, past the carnal attraction, the seed of friendship grows. How 2 people nurture and protect that tiny sprout. Determines the outcome. Sometimes 2 people who have a tenured strong friendship, give in to desire. It has forever changed that relationship. More times than not, it creates a tsunami of change for families, businesses, social networks. All because two people in a committed relationship. One begins to stray because relationships constantly grow and evolve due to employment, economical, and yes social networks! One partner stops caring and communicating they have begun to move on. Once that happens, the relationship has ended, tragically lines are drawn in the sand. It mystifies me that people that were so committed can become so indifferent.
I am looking for:  
Lol Believe I’ve covered the descriptive part above. Probably the most important quality is my potential mate has to be able to love and laugh at themselves. If you cannot love yourself? How can I expect you to love me. Think about it. I’m looking for integrity, sincerity. Honesty…… say what you mean & mean what you say. If I accidentally pick up your phone, and………… you blow a blood vessel then we have no business together. Someone who when able will say “Hey Babe…. Let’s give ——- too , or next weekend would you come help me ??????? The affirmation shows compassion, commitment to the recipient, community. And their Union together. To have the integrity, mutual respect, to tell me that their feelings have changed or they no longer wish to continue the relationship. Should that day ever comes. In todays world as soon as finances change in a household, stress is constant and relentless. It will test any relationships mettle. After all a wise man told me, “You cannot live off the fruits of love.”
My funniest life experience:  
I have several the first was watching my son Joshua harvest his first deer. We were hunting in Southern Ohio and the boys were young. The first couple years poor Joshua had opportunities but just couldn’t find his mark. This was Joshua’s third year hunting in Ohio and just as deer grunt during the rut. Every evening in camp you could hear the Michigan boys call of “I Missed” they were relentless and poor Josh had to endure. The only benefit was that team from up north hadn’t beaten the buckeyes in several years. In camp spirit Josh and his brothers didn’t let Wes & Mark forget it. Then one fateful mid morning deer drive. Joshua was picked to be a shooter, my friend Waylon said it was divine intervention. While the rest of us were driving the CRP fields near Greenfield, Ohio A doe comes out of the grasses into a harvested soybean field. It stops within range for Josh and Waylon watched Joshua reload twice shooting a total of 9 shots at this deer. Waylon said it was as if God tied a leash on that deer. Waylon said the deer was impervious to the ensuing threat and just kept eating bean stubble without a care in the world. Finally Joshua’s 8th shot found it’s mark. To make matters worse legend says when you harvest your first deer. You consume the spirit of the animal by eating a piece of its heart. Well In Braveheart form before we could tell Joshua it was a myth. He had a smile from ear to ear.
Cool Movies:  
The Notebook - yes I cry everytime I watch it. That is true love. The Bodyguard Field of Dreams Lonesome Dove Animal House Avatar The Song Remains the Same Pulse Any Madea movie Goodfellas Casino Scarface
My Favorite Groups are:  
My music taste range from 60’s & 70’s Rock, early rap from deathrow records, NWA, Tupac, Biggie & Dr. Dre days, country both old and some new, the Seattle grunge period First Concert was Bad Company Last Concert was the Eagles “Hotel California Tour”
I am looking for a personality like:  
My Auntie Laura who taught me that self reflection will develop your conscience. At days end, only you and God know if you can be satisfied with what you accomplished. The beauty of life is, tomorrow we are all given another opportunity to improve ourselves and build character. My stepmom Weezie was always their with the right words, a hug, a pat on the back. On very rare occasions, the threat of a cast iron skillet upside the head. Thankfully my brother was the only one to experience it. Amazing how he never complained about what mom made for breakfast:
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
When your in a committed relationship regardless if children are involved you become selfless in difficult times! That is…… if, you are truly committed. As I stated earlier it’s 100% / 100% from both parties in the relationship. If there is any other response from either party. REGARDLESS OF THEIR REASON. As soon as responsibly possibly once the emergency is over. We would be having a cards on the table discussion and resolving the relationships internal issue to a mutual resolution. I’m not implying ending the relationship but clarifying the way things will be communicated in the future and to set up a war chest / contingency fund. So future issues won’t be as difficult on us as a couple.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
I’m excited about the possibilities of new friends. My children are grown, I travel for work at times. Which is an opportunity for a friend to either visit. Or accompany me for a period of time if they choose too. I’ve had the most success in relationships with women 10 or more years my junior. Women that are naturally well endowed attract me. Though women in my age group that are in their sexual prime and know it. Have given me some memorable and amazing experiences. Yes my last relationship started online and we became friends. 5 months later we met and shared some very special memories. I’ve had 3 serious lengthy
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
Currently single, live alone, would love nothing more than to develop a friendship with the right woman developing into a monogamous relationship leading to becoming soulmates and possibly marriage. She’s going to have to be a very special woman for me to marry.
My typical day:  
I miss the perfect date experience! That’s why I’m here, what I’ve learned is the more you want or seek something. The more outta of reach it becomes. God is funny like that. He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” That’s why I stated I’m here for friends! 21; After all we must become friends first, that friendship two people share in the commitment to each other on rare occasions lasts a lifetime where they become soulmates. Ironically we humans being animals are initially drawn to one another from a deep primal desire that has transcended eternity. Being single and living alone my life is rather boring at the moment. So let’s just say my days currently are rather mundane.
My Wish List Includes:  
Been fortunate to travel extensively in my life and most of it our boys were with us. Except the extreme northeastern New England area. That area in peak fall foliage, driving or riding taking in the architecture, geography, hidden history in the shoppes. Culminating with a bountiful New England Clam bake complete with a prehistoric size live Maine lobster cooked to perfection. Eaten overlooking or near the seashore. Then building a bonfire with a chaise lounge for two, bottomless bucket of bottled wine! Yes bottled not the dreaded box-o-wine. And lastly a plaid blanket to keep the chill off as we disappear to enjoy each other’s presence. I would enjoy building one more home. It being a forever home. Another extended trip to Yellowstone. Then deciding on mountains, desert, or the pacific coast. Trust me, I have a bunch of dreams, letting someone help you build and share those. It’s what memories are made of. Trust me I stressed for 3 months on and off planning a 3 week vacation from Atlanta to Yellowstone, the Utah Canyons and parks. Ending in Mesa Verde Colorado with 4 days until school started. Oh we still had to go school clothes and supply shopping. But the look on my woman’s face as the grizzly bear we stopped to watch from a mile away. She just meandered across the meadow, up the hill ( this is the time that everyone in the 100 plus vehicles jumped in the safety of their vehicle.) Bear pops the hill walks down the berm of the road, my woman started screaming as the bear passed her window, then abruptly decides to cross the road at the back or our Nissan! All 4 boys faces were plastered against the windows in disbelief. The bear walks across the road, across and up over the meadows rise to wherever bears go. The best part of the story to me! Was all the idiots that got out of their vehicles and followed after the female grizzly. Of course my four boys were dumb enough to ask…. Dad, can we? I told them you cross that road and leave the pavement, we’re going home to Atlanta. So as I finished my cigarette and prepared to continue our journey. As we were about to pull away. We had one more sight, the mass of humanity that decided to follow the bear were all running across the field to their vehicles. No bull ! That my friends is my most fond memory of natural selection.
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