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KATIE62 - Just looking for something REAL


Mesa, Arizona
Decent Looks
50 years of age
161 lbs - 170 lbs
5' - 5'2
I'd rather not say
Here For Long Term Relationship
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People say that I am:  
Multi-faceted? My best friend says I'm anti-social (I have always been a loner). Though, I had a coworker who once called me the perpetual mother, because I tend to encourage and worry about the people in my life. And my step-mother says that I was born a decade too late because I tend to stand up for what I believe in. So what does that make me? Hard headed but soft hearted?
Things that have bothered me:  
I have a real problem with users, liars, and cheaters! If you don't want to be with me, then don't! It's that simple.
I am looking for:  
I'm looking for the male version of my best friend. She's always there when I need her. She knows when not to crowd me. She lets me voice my opinion even when she doesn't agree with it. She puts up with my crap and never throws it back in my face. She always tells me the truth, what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. She isn't afraid to ask for my help. She shares her deepest fears and grandest dreams with me. She makes me laugh at myself. And most importantly, she allows me to do all the same things for her.
My funniest life experience:  
There are quite a few, actually. I tend to be a bit of a practical joker and it gets really interesting when your friends retaliate! But I think the funniest thing to happen to me was also the scariest. It involves a shadow figure that woke me in the middle of the night and sent me running out of the barracks screaming, wearing nothing but a night gown and clutching my pillow to my chest. As you can imagine, it took me a while to live that one down. And I still don't know why I took the time to grab my pillow. Protection, I guess.
Cool Movies:  
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Thirteenth Warrior, the Haunting (the original), The Trouble with Harry, and The Rear Window (the original).
My Favorite Groups are:  
I like anything that isn't rap. But Bob Seeger is my favorite singer. Night Moves is my all time favorite song. It sums up where I am in life now.
I am looking for a personality like:  
Just being yourself. Allowing others to do the same.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
I was a single mother for 12 years. Raising children on your own is all about compromising.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
I have corresponded with people on the internet but I have not met anyone yet. I would have to feel sure that the situation was safe. And worth my time.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
I have been divorced for twenty years and while I am not afraid of spending the rest of my life alone, I would prefer not to. Problem is, finding the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I made a mistake the first time around. I won't make that mistake again. I would much rather be alone than stuck in a miserable relationship.
My typical day:  
The perfect dating experience. Expecting an evening with yet another Sir Lancelot and discovering that Sir Galahad has taken his place!
My Wish List Includes:  
I would really like to meet someone who will accept me for me. I'm a real woman not a Barbie doll.
My Videos/Music/Other Content:  

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