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NUDEMAN5 - What u c is what u get

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Lakewood, Colorado
Kinda big
221 lbs - 230 lbs
5'9 - 5'10
Under 25k
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People say that I am:  
quik/witted, can make you laugh when you least expect it, you never know where when or what I am going to come up with and sometimes how, I can and do get very serious when need to do that and it takes a whole lot to get me rallied up or to get me really mad and thenyou need to watch out, I am the quite type and you know what they say about the quite types .will leave it at that
Things that have bothered me:  
some Lady that would Like to be treated as the lady she is, that would like to try sometings that maybe she hasnt tried befoe and would like to tryit and if she liked itshe would do it again, and some one to spend time with doing what she wants to do
I am looking for:  
I really cant tell that one here, It might not be the right time or theplace to do that Sorry
Cool Movies:  
not to be afraid of saying what you think or how you feel about things. I do not try to force people into trying or doing something they dont want to do, If I ask and then told no, I dont push it like some do, I do not believe in hitting a woman for any reason, I have been known to take out a wall before hitting a woman all people have their own lives to live and it is ok to share or not to share with you mate it is up to them
My Favorite Groups are:  
have done it before and would do it again
I am looking for a personality like:  
very willing really looking, and no have never meet anyone from the internet personally, and only one thru the e mail.
Are you willing to compromise in difficult times and situations?  
I have no answer to this.
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
get phone
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
there are somethings I want to dolike Hot air Ballooning, fly in a glider, and since I am a home nudist, woyld like to go to a nudist camp and experience that to see what it is like if I liked it I would do it againand would like for my mate to join me in beibg a home nudistand sharing that with me

I'm not Materialistic.
I Don't Smoke.
I Drink Sometimes.
I Like Pets.
I Like To Travel.
I am an Active Person.
I Don't spend long hours at Work.
I Am a Spontaneous Person.
Friends Are Important to me.
Sometimes I enjoy having a competitive partner.
Sometimes I like clubs/bars.
My life is somewhat stressfull.
I sometimes try to stay in shape.
I Don't Want to get Married.
I Don't Want to have Kids.
Sometimes I can be stubborn.
I Love going to the Movies.
Sex Is Important to me.
Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
God is sometimes important to me in relationships.
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