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POLYMATH57 - What projects do you want to work on with a partner which will help to make the world a better place for everyone? If the ONLY thing you notice about my profile is how I look, there's no point in sen
ding me a message because I will NOT be interested in you.

Buffalo, New York
Curvy, baby, I'm curvy!
5' - 5'2
Organizer & Healer
Under 25k
Here For a Relationship
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Things that have bothered me:  
DON'T WASTE ME! I'm a great resource in too many ways to count. USE ME. Tell me about YOUR project and convince me to throw myself into it with a passion. You won't be sorry should I decide to join you :D MY PERFECT JOB/RELATIONSHIP does NOT include babysitting you or mollycoddling you. You are a responsible human being and I expect you will act like one. I will do my best to always tell you the truth; if it's a truth which may hurt, I will try to present it in a kind and helpful way. It doesn't include the routine jobs anyone can do; it does, however, include finding ways to make those jobs less repetitive, more productive, more appreciated by all, and More Fun To Do. It doesn't require me getting dressed up very often although I can do that a few times a year, IF it's really important and necessary to the task at hand. It rarely requires rigid scheduling. It doesn't require me to check everything I do with a supervisor as if I were a three year old child; it does, however, require me to act responsibly and to keep everyone updated on my activities on a regular basis.
I am looking for:  
Someone who LOVES discussing anything and everything and is OPEN about themselves. The Cult of Secrecy DIES HERE!!! If this doesn't describe YOU, you might as well stop reading this now and just move along. I wish you well anyway :D Someone strong enough to stand up for themselves and for/with me without being overbearing, abusive or authoritative. Someone who is passionate about more than one thing. Someone who is intelligent, open-minded, compassionate, playful, determined, funny, loving, and talkative. Someone who is self-directed and who has no problem with the fact that sometimes we may have to simply agree to disagree. Someone who doesn't play the usual societal games around relationships, work, fashion, beauty, money, etc. Someone who likes to play outdoor and indoor games instead of head games.
My funniest life experience:  
I know folks often wonder WHY I've decided to let my beard grow while most women pluck or shave it away. Basically, I've decided to HONOR my true self and that includes my beard. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :// and part of that is making much more testosterone than women typically do. I plucked my chin hairs for many years. When it reached the point that it was taking me at least a couple hours a day to pluck it, I started shaving it since depilatories and waxes never worked. Shaving irritates my skin something awful though. So I decided to honor my own true self and just let it grow out. Still haven't decided How Much I'll let it grow. I figure that anyone who can't deal with a little thing like a beard probably isn't worth my time and energy anyway AND I can easily shave it if I need to for some reason such as testifying for someone else in court or attending an event for someone else who thinks it would be upsetting for their guests ;-) I sometimes think my PCOS may well be a joke my father played on me since I was his only son (as well as being the oldest of his four daughters) and he had a rather quirky sense of humor :D LOL So, to quote George Carlin, "See my beard? Ain't it weird? Don't be skeered! It's just a beard."
Cool Movies:  
Thunderheart, Ladyhawke, Incident at Oglala, The Forty-Four Hundred [weird that BoM won't let me use the actual number!] (series), Farscape (series), Harold and Maude, Silkwood, Arthur, Serenity/Firefly, Thrive, The Oiling of America, The Secret Life of Bees, How To Fix The World, A Beautiful Mind, Taken (series), Boys on the Side, Dead Poet's Society, Gandhi, The X-Files (series), Hair, Mask, Interview with the Vampire, Seven Pounds, The Big Chill, The Mists of Avalon, V for Vendetta
My Favorite Groups are:  
I like a wide variety of music including rock, folk, American Indian, Celtic, world, etc. A great guitar riff can get me high as a kite :D This is a link to my NEW YouTube Channel which doesn't have much in it yet: s:// youtube /channel/UCF9Z50GcFTaHrxQCwRgxNMg Here's a link to my OLD YouTube Channel too: s:// youtube /channel/UCb2ADArrdgyxAYH8rSnFV4w
Willingness to meet others from boM:  
I've met lots of folks from various places on the internet. Some have become good friends of mine. Years ago, I met lots of nice people through personal ads in the local newspaper and a couple of them became long-term relationships although, obviously, NOT lifelong relationships.
Are you ready to start from scratch?  
I want to find a like-minded life partner who has big dreams and/or who already has one or more projects underway which will help to make this world a better place for everyone. Currently, I'm not seriously working on any project. I moved to Buffalo, NY, a couple of years ago and am willing to move elsewhere, if necessary, as long as it's not too hot (e.g., Florida, Texas, etc.).
My typical day:  
Describe the ideal committed relationship: We like each other as well as loving one another. We have shared goals, dreams, and many means of accomplishing them and seeing them come true. We share damned near everything we think, feel, see and do with each other because we truly ENJOY unraveling the mysteries of how our minds, hearts and bodies work. We like to work on projects together and never run out of ideas for new ones. We take pride in joyously creating things that bring more happiness into the world. We realize that everyone has their own path to walk and enjoy learning new things both separately and together. We laugh a lot and sing a lot and have fun playing indoor and outdoor games with each other and others. We're not afraid even in our weakest moments because we know that we have each other's backs and comfort is only an arm's length away when we're together. We share a passion for enjoying our lives and spreading that joy around to everyone and everything around us.
My Wish List Includes:  
Things I've always loved doing but can't currently do for lack of reciprocal partners: endless discussions about anything and everything, singing while someone plays guitar or singing with someone(s) else, playing with kids, badminton, croquet, pool, darts, card and board games, dancing, and creating lasting solutions to problems. MY PERFECT JOB/RELATIONSHIP consists of doing a variety of things instead of being stuck doing the same thing all the time. It is a lot like my definitions of being a Good Grandparent or Troubleshooter. I'm here to be your personal cheerleader; help you locate necessary resources; research to discover varied solutions and analyze them to figure out our best options; remind you to relax and have some fun each day; do peer counseling and aid in conflict resolution; organize to avoid unnecessary duplication while making sure important items which are often overlooked are automatically included; long-term planning to prevent future difficulties by making provisions for possible problems before they arise; event planning and advertising; ensuring that everything we do is environmentally responsible and sustainable; networking, outreach and recruitment; fundraising and mass media campaigns; organizational morale boosting via celebrations, setting achievable short-term goals, guiding group and individual vision quests, keeping our end goals in mind, etc.; maintaining organizational transparency and responsibility via such things as open bookkeeping, creative commons licenses, open sourcing, public meetings, etc.; reminding everyone that there is No Box and that our only limitations are those which We Ourselves Create; ensure that everyone is cross-trained and responsibilities are shared so that the absence of one or more people doesn't cripple the organization; keeping everyone informed about what's happening in the organization as a whole via newsletters, blog posts, videos, etc; singing this song for and with everyone as often as necessary ( s:// youtube /watch?v=143A1aUG-9I) so we don't forget that everyone is important and each contribution is important to make a better world; and probably more that I'm not thinking of at the moment.
My Videos/Music/Other Content:

I'm not Materialistic.
I Smoke.
I Drink Sometimes.
I Don't Like Pets.
Sometimes I like to travel.
Sometimes I am an active person.
I Don't spend long hours at Work.
Sometimes I am a spontaneous person.
Friends Are Important to me.
I Don't Like having Competitive Partners.
I Don't Like Clubs/Bars.
My life is somewhat stressfull.
I Don't Try to stay in Shape.
I want to get Married.
Sometimes I feel that I would like to have kids.
I Am Not a Stubborn Person.
I Love going to the Movies.
Sex Is Important to me.
Sometimes it's important to have a clean house.
God Is Not Important to me in relationships.
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